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We help our players to differentiate their social media proAyudamos a nuestras players a posicionarse en la mente de su audiencia y de las marcas, así como a diferenciarse dentro del sector del fútbol femenino. 

Lucía rodríguez

How can Lucia´s story inspire her followers? What differentiates her from other players?

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves before we start drafting our player´s personal brand. In Lucia´s case, she´s played football since she was little because her father insisted she should practice a team sport.


As a player she has a very athletic profile that, along with her explosiveness in the race, adds an extra in the melee. As a person, Lucia is joyful, humble and perseverant, when she sets a goal, she fights for it.



How can Vir´s story inspire her followers? What differentiates her from other players?

Virginia´s objective is to inspire her followers, sharing her experiences and thoughts in high-quality pictures and videos that evoque positivity, good vibes and victory. 

She would like her followers to feel identiefied with her and to not forger to live in the present and enjoy the small things in life.



Berta is a chill, joyful and hardworking person. As a player, Berta masters a wide range of resources such as one-on-one reliability, anticipation, and passing game..


What would you like your followers to feel?
~ Joy
~ Calm 
~ Naturality

How would you like to be remembered?
~ Humble
~ Hardworking
~ Smiley



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