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About us

At BePlayer, we have been helping our players to develop their sports career since 2018, making sure they reach their personal and professional goals. By combining our skills, contacts and experience we help you achieve your dreams. We are a small agency that can really do a lot.


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I founded BEPLAYER in 2018 aiming to become the best support for our players outside the field, I strive to be present for our players in all the good and bad moments.

I'm graduated in Sports Science and my career has always been ties to football in some way. My professional experience has provided me an important network in the women's football sector worldwide.


I am passionate about this sport and I work hard to achieve the impossible with effort and resilience, I always say " a day like yesterday is a lost day"

Miguel cobas

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A Galician in Madrid, a journalist by profession and a football lover. I joined the internship team while I was studying the Master Degree in Digital Marketing and once I finished my training I am one more in BePlayer.

Ver el crecimiento del fútbol femenino desde dentro es una experiencia increíble.

content creator

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I was born in Madrid, I grew up in BePlayer. They say I travel more than Willy Fogg, but that's because my passion has always been telling stories through the content I imagine, create and edit.

Women's soccer embraced me when I started working alongside the women's league and with the soccer players who have made us world champions today. In addition to football, I am lucky to have been involved in Olympic sports for many years. Since 2021, BEPLAYER trusts in my creativity and the three daily coffees that allow me to continue telling the stories of the footballers who inspire us all.

marta díaz

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Born and raised in Madrid, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I am passionate about telling stories and share them via graphic design, social media and content creation.

I love to travel and learn about new cultures, reason why since 2016 I've lived and worked all around the World. In October 2020 I joined BEPLAYER to develop the marketing department and since then I fell in love with women's football.

Willy romero

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I am currently balancing my trauma residency with the sports representation in BEPLAYER.​ Once you enter the women's football world you don't want to leave!

My name is Ana Maria Romero, bur everybody knows me as Willy. I worked as professional footballer for several first division clubs such as Sevilla FC, Rayo Vallecano o FC Barcelona. Once I hang my boots I become Sports Director for Real Betis and I've recently resumed my medical studies to become a traumatologist. 

Andres Trillo.jpg
Andrés trillo

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Graduated in Law at CEU. From the beginning, I have felt a great interest in sports, so, to combine my passion with my profession, I specialized in sports law, doing a master's degree in sports law and publishing several articles on the subject.

In addition to being an expert in sports law, I am a labor lawyer. At BePlayer, I provide legal knowledge for the correct supervision of all types of contracts, as well as legal security for the players, a fundamental aspect given the progress of the sector and the increase in the number of contracts that are signed in all aspects, both sporting and marketing level.





Founded in 2018, BePlayer is a sports representation and marketing agency created specialised in women soccer.

Our added value resides in our team's international experience combined with an important network in the Spanish and European soccer scene.

Our team is currently located in Spain and the United Kingdom, from where we operate internationally.

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