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university soccer

We are delighted to partner with University Soccer, an agency dedicated to find sports scholarship opportunities in the United States for young players. They provide assistance to young talents seeking to live an international exprience and embrace the sports college american life. We've joined forces, in a committed effort to internationalize the Spanish talent, and support  those athletes who are looking for an alternative to reach the elite of women's football.

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sports scholarships in 
united states for young soccer players


Se han involucrado de una manera increíble en el proyecto del Campus que hemos ido desarrollando y han ofrecido un premio único: La gestión de una beca para que una participante se pueda ir a jugar al fútbol a Estados Unidos y a estudiar a una Universidad donde se lo permitan y faciliten!

Courage, ambition and novelty are the keywords to describe this project, together with a team of professionals to make it possible are the main reasons that have driven this union. Our goal is to offer young soccer players the possibility to study and continue their sports career.

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